At Vidhi we create unique exquisite designed and elegantly crafted ready-to-wear clothing for women. Each piece is created with care, love and meticulous attention to detail.

We use only natural fabrics, pure raw Silks and the softest Cotton. We care deeply about the environment and in this way, we feel that we are doing our small part in preserving and sustaining Mother Earth. The coloured dyes we use are obtained from natural sources and we weave the fabric, dye and print each piece by hand.

 Our classic and refined styles surpass fashion fads, seasons and trends. They are timeless, offer longevity and will last for years to come, ensuring that you always look fashion forward and sophisticated.

To enhance our clothing range, we have a unique line of handcrafted jewellery accessories. Natural stones are sourced from around the globe and set in pure 925 Silver. The look is antique-inspired with a dramatic, modern and bold twist.

Babita, our fashion designer was born in the tiny City, Shillong in North East India. Life was simple and close to the earth, qualities she still treasures to this day in her vision for VIDHI To accommodate her Father’s wishes, she graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce but her heart was always set on fashion. From an early age, she would design, cut and sew her own clothes. After marrying, she got the opportunity to study at the Lasalle School of Fashion Design in Singapore.

This endeavour soon gained a reputation and on the 5th September 2015, VIDHI was born – a sentimental start – on the birth date of her son, and named after her daughter!

Staying true to her vision, Vidhi uses only natural fabrics and dyes. Pieces are handcrafted and hand printed.

Our mission is simple – connecting modern fashion with nature!